How to Find the Most Effective Skincare Product That Will Get You Results in Just Weeks

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There is an enormous amount of money in the skin care industry. Consumers are bombarded with advertising. But when you get through all the hype, the sad reality is that many of these products don’t work and even more worrying, many of them aren’t even good for you. So how do you find the most effective skincare for you?

To begin, you need to decide whether it concerns you to be using chemical products. There are all kinds of reasons to give chemically based products a second thought. Remember that anything you put on your skin is just like eating it. And while chemical products may show some short term results in terms of smoothness and texture, they don’t help the health of your skin long term and in fact, many of these ingredients actually damage your skin long term.

For lasting results, the most effective skin care will be natural products. They have only naturally derived ingredients and the good ones will contain ingredients that will actually make your skin healthy – not just look healthy.

You want to look for something that will hydrate at all levels and support the skin’s production of collagen and elastin, the two proteins that give skin firmness and radiance. You should also be looking for something that delivers antioxidants to all levels to fight the free radicals that develop with age and cause the skin damage we actually see as we grow older.

When considering these ingredients, you should also be looking at two additional points. Quantity of the ingredient and the process through which it has been produced.

Many skin care companies may have products that contain good ingredients, but often they aren’t in sufficient quantity. FDA regulations require that ingredients be listed in order of quantity so if you see keratin at the bottom of the list (keratin is a naturally occurring protein in our skin and one of the building blocks) there isn’t much there.

And to use the example of keratin again, one of the other challenges in delivering effective ingredients is the form in which it comes. The more common process evolves high temperatures and acids; essentially melting animal proteins and then harvesting keratin as a residue. The problem with this is that most of its nutrients are also burned away.

Try to find a product that contains keratin produced through a natural emulsion method which ensures all the goodness stays in it.

The most effective skincare will not be just one product either. Different products do different things – no one has come up with a miracle cream yet that can do it all. If you would like to see more of the specific research I’ve done, please visit my website where I’ve listed specific ingredients that I’ve found to work and where I’ve identified what I think is the most effective skincare on the market.

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