Information on Genital Herpes – Some Herpes Facts

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You’ve just found out that you have contracted genital herpes. What do you do now? First of all, you need to confirm by getting information on genital herpes and an immediate appointment with your doctor. There are vast amounts of information on the internet, book stores and at your local library. Indeed, a very special part of doing the right thing in the event that you acquired the herpes infection is to talk with your partner.

The both of you should check for symptoms and seek information on genital herpes and basic health and wellbeing. You need to go to a doctor that specializes in this type of infection and get as much information on genital herpes and as much support as you possibly can.Talking to your partner is not an easy task. Be honest with your partner. Try to plan a good time and the right place to talk. You’ll have to think about what you will say and how you will say it because many people do not have information on genital herpes and it may come as a shock.

Be sure that you are aware of all of the facts and information on genital herpes. Some of the facts that both partners should be aware of is the cause of the transmission. Are you contagious, with active sores and are lesions present. Even if neither of you have any symptoms, talk to each other and discuss how lesions can occur deep inside the genital areas and cannot be seen or felt nevertheless, the virus can still be transmitted.

Discuss how an uninfected person stands a 75% chance of contracting the herpes during intimate contact with and actively shedding individual. Ask questions about how the virus may have been contacted get as much information on genital herpes as you possibly can.

This virus can be spread by scratching, touching, and rubbing an area shedding virus. Bath towels are also prime targets in acquiring this infection. Toilet seats may also be a source of contagion. Experts are not sure how long this virus can survive on its own.Indeed, since you have contracted the virus, you have many unanswered questions. All of the information on genital herpes is right at your finger tips if you own a computer. If not, genital herpes help is still available from various sources. You can even call you doctor or a medical help line and get answers to your dilemma.

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