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Pets are fun to be with. They offer your unconditional love, even. But, like humans, they have needs that you, as the pet owner should be able to fulfill.

Physiologic Needs

The most basic things that you need to provide your pets with are food and water. Depending on the type of pet that you have, the food that you will serve should be appropriate. Also, take note that different pet ages will also play a big role in choosing which foods to offer to your pets.

You also need to make sure that they will only eat those that you offer them and nothing from the garbage or anything that they find. Those foods can be detrimental to their health.

Keep it Clean

From the places they sleep in, to their food containers, you need to make sure that they are not exposed to any potentially harmful materials. Clean their food plates regularly. The best practice would be doing it after every time they have eaten.

Their sleeping areas should be maintained as well. If you are using washable materials, you can change and wash their cushions every time they look soiled.

If you have fishes at home, you also need to clean their filters. Make it a point to wash them regularly, instead of just waiting for them to look dirty.

Our pets also need to keep their bodies clean. This way, they are more comfortable. You can give your pet a bath yourself. Or, you can bring them to pet grooming shops and let the experts do the job.

Especially for dogs, combing their manes regularly can make them look healthier.

Flea Control

Keeping your pets clean can be enough for some. But, if they are suffering from infestations like fleas, giving them a bath and combing their hair wouldn’t be enough.

You may have to consult a vet. You can be prescribed with a solution to your flea problems. For fleas that have left your pet and have been scattered all over your home, you can remedy this problem by vacuuming them. Also, some add moth balls in their vacuum bags. This will kill the fleas that you have vacuumed.


You also need to have your pets vaccinated. Rabies shots would protect not only your pets but also humans who mingle with your pets. You are never too sure that your pets will remain as the loving pets that they are when they have been affected by the virus.


There may also be a need for you to neuter your pets. You can contact your trusted vet to do this procedure.

When you are giving them toys to play with, just like for your kids, you should make sure that there are no parts that can be easily removed or swallowed. Swallowing small parts can produce serious damage to your pets.

Keep your pets happy by having time to play with them. Also, stroking them can make them feel that they are loved. This can be incorporated at the time when you are giving them a bath, combing their hair, or in any opportunity that arises.

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