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Do you have enough toys for your pets? Without the proper toys, your cats and dogs will be bored and frustrated. Fun toys can help them stay happy and healthy. Your furniture will also appreciate the fun addition of toys. When your animals have toys, they will be less likely to ruin your new rug or chew up the leg of that great couch. Don’t think you need to spend a lot of money on pricey animal toys to keep your pets entertained. You probably have a lot of great and inexpensive toys lying around your house already.

Dogs love to play with just about anything. If you have a couple of empty water bottles lying around, they would love to play with them. An empty bottle can quickly become your dog’s favorite new toy. Plus, since you were just going to throw it out, it won’t cost you anything. Before giving your dog an empty bottle, make sure you remove the plastic lid and the label. This will keep him or her from choking and making a mess. Keep an eye on your pets while they play to make sure that they don’t choke on anything.

Cats love to play with string or yarn. They especially enjoy it when someone will play with them. Dangle a piece of yarn just above their heads or run around the house with a string. They will love it. This is a very inexpensive toy that will provide your cat with hours of enjoyment. It is a great way to get to spend some quality time with your pet.

If you really want to enjoy some hilarious antics from your pets, pull out your laser light and let the entertainment ensue. You can readily find these little laser lights at most pet stores. Both cats and dogs love chasing after the pretty red light. Be careful when playing with your animals and a laser light; don’t ever shine the light directly into anyone’s eyes. Some pets even enjoy chasing around flashlight beams as well.

Dogs love playing catch. Take them outside and watch them run after a ball that you toss. You don’t need a specific dog ball – any old ball will work. Tennis balls work especially well. It is generally a good idea to find a ball that your animal can easily carry. Balls that can pop are also not recommended as your animal may accidentally pop it while trying to carry it in his or her mouth.

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