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It is not only the ladies who are often problematic when faced with facial or body hair. According to many of people, sometimes, it is not worth the time, effort, and pain to get treatments like depilatories, shaving, waxing, and electrolysis if you want smooth skin. The use of lasers is becoming to gain some publicity considering how effective it is when it comes to unwanted hair. In the United States alone, the previous year brought about half a million laser treatments. When it comes to removing unwanted hair, this is a popular technique that is being considered. When it comes to this, the hair is removed with a low energy laser.

The laser energy passes through the skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. Hair follicles can be damaged when the heat from the lasers touch them. From minutes to hours, the time that you have to spend varies when it comes to laser hair removal.

When it comes to unwanted hair, you can resort to laser hair removal with the exception of the area near the eyes. In this case, the underarms, back, abdomen, bikini line, face, upper lip, neck, chest, periareolar or breast region, and legs are areas of the body where laser treatments are frequently performed. Usually, laser hair removal works best for those who have light skin and dark hair.

Laser treatments are now available for those with other skin tones and hair colors thanks to longer wavelength lasers and skin cooling devices. It is necessary that you tan fades out before you even consider getting laser hair removal.

When you tan, you alter your skin pigments and the lasers may not be absorbed as well. Other than the skin tone, hair color matters in the case of laser hair removal.

Your hair can easily absorb the laser energy if it is of a darker shade. The size of the area being treated, the density of the hair, as well as the hair growth cycle are all important as these are considered when determining the number of treatments that a person will need.

There are different things that can contribute to the cycles of hair growth. In terms of hair growth, hormones, age, diet, medication, ethnicity, weight, and metabolism can have an effect on it. It is important that you get 8 sessions for laser treatments.

A typical laser hair removal patient may experience brief swelling and redness following the procedure. Most patients will be completely healed in two to 10 days, although their hair may not fall out for up to two weeks after treatment. This will not affect your routine to the point that you cannot continue working.

As always, patients should avoid any direct sun exposure and use a sunscreen with a Sun Protection Do not risk transacting with an inexperienced physician. He advises patients to ask questions and make sure that the physician they’ve chosen to work with is a board certified dermatologist or other appropriately trained surgeon with extensive experience in performing laser procedures in order to ensure the best possible result.

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