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The Maltese breed is a member of the toy group of dogs, as recognized by the American Kennel Club. They generally weight between four and seven pounds, and their height should be between nine and ten inches. The only color accepted by the AKC is white.

The Maltese dog has a very dignified mantle of silky, long hair. They don’t have an undercoat, and their hair is straight, and bright, pure white in color. These dogs don’t shed, and the lovely coat of white is their trademark.

The Maltese breed is generally considered to be among the oldest of the Toy breeds from Europe. Royalty, nobles and aristocracy favored their lovely little dog. They are affectionate dogs, and very well-mannered. They display a demeanor that is regal and graceful.

Maltese dogs positively exude delight and joy. They are playful, especially with children, and they’re animated and highly intelligent. They are also very social animals – if you know a Maltese, you will always have a friend in him. They are content and happy when they’re the center of attention, whether it’s in the show ring, or in their family home. This is an endearing breed, and is loving, bright and a quite devoted companion.

The Maltese breed is obedient, trusting and gentle with children and other dogs. They are usually amiable and good-natured, and they love to be cuddled and petted. They will try to get along with other pets, but generally get along with children only if they are well-behaved and considerate. A Maltese will usually select one member of the family to bond with – probably the one most responsible for his care – and they hate to be left at home alone for long periods of time. They can tend to be a bit over-protective of their territory, family and owner, and they may bark and bite if someone they perceive as a threat approaches. They are agile, as well as vigorous and fearless. The Maltese dog is totally committed to his family and his home.

This lovely dog requires daily combing and brushing, or their hair will become matted. The coat is very silky and soft, so care for it very gently, to avoid pulling out hairs or hurting your dog. They should be bathed or dry-bathed as a regular part of their hygiene routine. And their eyes need special care so that they won’t stain the facial fur. Keep their ears clean, too, and free of stray hairs. Maltese dogs are prone to problems with their eyes, as well as disorders of the skin and problems with their respiratory tract. They don’t do well in weather that is very damp or very hot. They sometimes suffer indigestion, and they are finicky eaters. And dental hygiene needs to be maintained or they may experience tooth loss.

The Maltese will earn his way into your family if you choose this breed of dog to adopt. They are great family dogs and wonderful companions.

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