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In this article we will go over the basics to your fabulous feline or your cat. Some of the topics we are going over will be, what are some of the basic needs of a cat? Why does your cat scratch at your furniture or chew or your cords to your favorite lamp? What do you have in it for you if you have a good cat. Hopefully this article will answer some of your questions and bring you and your cat closer together.

Despite all stereotypes cats can not just live in a household without a few much needed items, they just are not self-sufficient creatures. Just like all other animals they need their owners to feed and water them and to protect them from dangers outside. Despite what any anti cat lover may say cats also need love from their owners. Owning a cat can be fulfilling and wonderful though it may have a few challenges at times. We want our family life to be relaxing at all times, we know at work it is not, so at home we want to have piece. For this to happen we need all of our family members, even the fury ones to have their best paw forward and be at their best behavior. Training good pets does two things for you and your pet, for one it will make sure you have the best relationship you can possibly have, and two it can protect them from dangers. So it is your responsibility to teach your pet to be the best pet it can be.

Why do cats claw and scratch at my stuff, I do not destroy theirs? Baffling isn’t it. Cats claw scratch and bite for a multitude of reasons. What we want is for them to scratch claw and bite on their food items or their cat toys, but many times they will find something else. Cats that chew on electrical cords or any other item are not only destroying property they are putting their lives in DANGER. One of the main reasons that cats especially young cats chew on items is the same reason we have teething rings for our new born babies, they are teething.

So just like a new born baby you have to give your pet substitutes. In order to train a good pet you also have to reward your cat for chewing on the right item, this will allow the cat to know they are doing good. Another reason is maybe the cat that you once were so in tuned with having is becoming bored around the house, yes sometimes just like your kids you have to entertain your pet. Another simple problem may be your cat just has a nutritional deficiency.

The good part of having a cat is that he or she will charm and amuse your guests when they come over to your home. You will become closer than sometimes you and your best friend are and you will love your cat even more than you do now. Your cat will be more at ease because he knows what the rules are thus the pressure on your cat is less and he is more at ease in your house, less anxiety. Calmer cats are more affectionate because they are not nervous or high strung. This will also give your cat more time to do the important stuff, napping, eating, and stalking dust mites in the sunny patch by the window.

In this article we gave you some secrets to training your cat. We also went over what the basic needs of your cats are and how you play a role in that. You now know a couple reasons why your cat scratches and chews on items and we can not allow this in our house for the cats safety. Lastly if we apply some of these techniques to our cat, teaching your pet will be pleasant and soothing, it will also make your house more mellow and relaxing so you both can enjoy the good life.

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