Breed Description Developed From The Small Standard Schnauzers And Affenpinschers, The Miniature Sc

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Breed Description

Developed from the Small Standard Schnauzers and Affenpinschers, the Miniature Schnauzer was primarily shown as distinctive breed in the year 1899. This breed resembles Standard Schnauzer, but weighs 10-15 pounds and stands 12-14 inches tall.


The double-coated Miniature Schnauzer has soft and thick inner coat, with a wiry and rugged top coat. Their coats are usually longer on the face and chin, creating a beard and eyebrows. Commonly seen coat colors are solid black, silver and black, and salt-and-pepper.


While very active indoors, this breed loves to be in the yard but will live without it provided he is given the chance to go on short walks during the day. This breed can be appropriate in an apartment dwelling, but would require occasional walks on leash to suffice the exercise needs.


The playful, alert, and spirited Miniature Schnauzer loves being with family, and is great with children. But as all with other breeds, they should at all times be supervised around young children. This breed is generally courageous, loyal, and protective, with the willingness to protect, and will even risk its life for property and family.


The Miniature Schnauzer makes a great pet for all households. If these dogs are raised properly, a happy, fulfilling and life-long companionship will flourish.


The Miniature Schnauzer needs to be combed weekly and shaped twice yearly. They are usually clipped, while show dogs are stripped. The hair around the pads of their feet should be removed and hairs should always be kept clean. Some with cropped ears must be checked regularly for ear infections. Their facial hair must be combed occasionally. This breed will prefer to live indoors with a lot of playtime outdoors.


Adult Miniature Schnauzer can be dominant, but will respond well with a training regimen based on leadership and praise. Treats are highly recommended in training older dogs that are used to getting their ways, but is not that necessary in puppies. Training sessions should be kept short, not exceeding 10 minutes, and should always end with a great deal of praise, play, and petting. Training your puppy this way will give him the idea that obedience results to great rewards.

Socialization with the Miniature Schnauzer is easier as this breed loves to please. Showing that trainers are competent leaders will allow them to be subordinates which make these puppies less aggressive. Dogs of this breed with no leader will only make them aggressive, destructive, and disobedient. It is crucial that this breed will have their trainers as pack leader to avoid the most unwanted behavior that has been long associated with this breed.


The Miniature Schnauzer is an eager, even-tempered, and intelligent breed. They make excellent companion with their fun and brave characters. These dogs are protective, alert, and loyal, but isn’t appropriate as a guardian due to their size.

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