Moon Dough Puppies Review

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In case you have not heard yet one of the best new toys to come out recently is the incredible Moon Dough.  With Moon Dough you are getting a modern day upgrade of the famous and popular playdough.  The batter is formulated to correct three flaws with playdough.  Moon Dough never dries out, it will not flake or crack, and it can be left out in a container that is not sealed.  It is also formulated to be hypo allergenic, and will never cause allergy problems with your child.  Finally, it always retains its soft feel and it contains a special compound that keeps it from sticking to molds.  Here in this article we will take a careful look at the Moon Dough Puppies kit, and see why it is so popular with kids.

With this Moon Dough kit your child will create their own fuzzy canine friends to play with along with their favorite play toys.  Use the dough to make yummy treats like Kibble and doggie bones to feed to your puppies.  All you need to do is feed dough in to the dog house puppy maker, turn the crank, and out comes a cute little puppy to play with.  Use different colors to make a colorful play yards, and little doggies that look you’re your favorite breed.  Your child is certain to have endless hours of creative fun using the kit along with their imagination.

Opening up the box of the Moon Dough Puppy set you will find a dog house mold maker, a bone mold, steak mold, and a dog collar mold.  Also included are two packages of colored Moon Dough to instantly start making your creations.  Be sure to follow the dough break in procedures, as this will ensure that the batter works properly.  To make a puppy just feed the dough in to the dog house, turn the crank, and a cool puppy magically comes out the front door.  You do not need to add water or anything else, just knead it properly and you will be good to go.  A well written instruction guide comes with the kit and has several different examples of how to how imaginative fun with the Moon Dough.  You can reuse the dough over and over again, and all Moon Dough kits are compatible with one another.

The manufacturer recommends that this kit is appropriate for children from ages three to seven years old.  One note of caution, there is a label on the kit that there are small parts present that may be a choking hazard to children.  Mothers should also know that the dough is easy to clean up my dabbing it up with a lump of Moon Dough, and just wiping up and vacuuming up any bits left over.  This kit retails for approximately twenty dollars are most large retailers like Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us.  You can also find it online at Amazon where tax and shipping will be additional costs.

Overall we found this to an adorable and fun kit for children to play with.  Any child who has an active imagination and likes to do artsy projects with their hands will absolutely love this kit.  We particularly like the fact that the Moon Dough Puppy kit is completely compatible with every other kit they offer.

If you are looking for a unique creative toy for your children then you should consider Moon Dough. Find out more information, reviews, and availability for Moon Dough by visiting

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