Working to Take Care of the Environment

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As our country works toward taking care of our environment, our family decided we were going to start doing things with our planets best interests in mind. That of course includes recycling and using less water but we also decided to do a family greenhouse. It was going to have all organic fruits and vegetables that were going to be safe for us and for the environment. Next to the greenhouse was going to be a compost that was going to help as well. One thing that we needed to learn about though is what would be the best greenhouse for all of our needs.

We decided that we were going to use one of the greenhouse kits that are available. My son looked on the internet and researched different styles. One of the kinds that seemed like it would fit our lifestyle and wants was one was a solar greenhouse. It encompassed all of our ideals but was a bit more pricey than we were originally planning. I asked my son to do some more research for other greenhouses as well

In the next few weeks, we learned about lean to greenhouses as an option. The materials were easy to get and it was an easy set up as well. One of the things that was a downside though is that it was not as sturdy as a greenhouse that was built with a complete structure. So we decided against that type even though it was a lot less to build.

We finally decided on a greenhouse that was going to be good for the environment and also going to fit everything that we were wanting for it. It was the best investment for our family. We worked on it together and had a blast doing it.

Growing our fruits and vegetables, as well as taking care of the planet around us brought our family closer together. We are seeing our children grow and desire greenhouses of their own so that they are able to be a part of seeing a better planet for their own children when they grow up. is a a site dedicated to information on Greenhouses

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