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An ever increasingly popular, but unique dog breed, is the Shiba Inu (pronounced: She-ba E-nu). With an independent nature, agile grace and irresistible looks, the demand grows to know more about this charismatic breed.

Shiba Inu Facts – History

Shiba’s are small dogs that originated from Japan.

They are thought to be the oldest breed of dog in Japan

The Shiba dog was originally used for hunting, specifically large game. Due to their speed, small compact build and agility, they would flush game out of the brush and bushes.

At the close of World War II, Shiba’s were close to extinction, but merging the three remaining primary blood lines save the Shiba Inu breed.

The first Shiba dog to enter the United States was documented in 1954 and the first documented litter here in the US was born in 1973.

The American Kennel Club recognized this unique dog breed in 1993.

Today these charming dogs are the #1 most popular dog breed in Japan.

Shiba Inu Facts – Common Characteristics

Like people, dogs personalities vary and this unique dog breed is no exception. While these Shiba Inu facts are typical of the breed, there are Shiba Inu’s who don’t fit within the common characteristics below. That said, here are some typical Shiba Inu facts about their charismatic personalities.

This unique dog breed is known for their almost feline temperament and cat like qualities. They often exhibit an aloofness or perhaps arrogance. When content, they appear to squint, similar to the look of a cat! Don’t let this perceived aloofness fool you though, this unique dog breed is affectionate and loving to their owners.

The Shiba dog is an active breed and quite energetic. As hunting large game is in their blood from generations past, the urge to stalk and chase still runs deep. When taking your Shiba dog out into the world, a leash is very necessary, otherwise you just might become the hunter when your Shiba takes off after some real or perceived prey!

While not a lap dog, your Shiba dog loves and needs physical attention. Given their high intelligence and bold nature, they are not above asking for it by prodding your idle hand with a paw!

Usually stand offish in nature, the Shiba dog can be suspicious of strangers which makes them an excellent watch dog. It is important, however, to socialize your Shiba puppy early with people in order to maintain calm when friends come to your home!

Shiba Inu Facts – Physical Appearance

The Shiba puppy is perhaps one of cutest puppies you will ever encounter! They are soft, with teddy bear like fur and well as pointy teddy bear ears. Their intelligent, curious, yet baby like expressions make them all the more irresistible!

When grown to adult size, they range from 15 – 25 pounds for a female and 20 – 30 pounds for a male, and reach a height between 13 – 16 inches.

The Shiba dog has a fox like face with upright, pointy ears, bright intelligent eyes, and a curled bushy tail.

This unique dog breed comes in a variety of colors, but typically are seen in red, white and brown and tan. Their coat is double layered that sheds seasonally and requires brushing but typically does not mat up. They are clean animals that don’t require professional grooming.

Shiba Inu Facts – Is This The Dog For Me?

Do you feel you have learned more about this charismatic, unique dog breed? Researching and educating yourself with Shiba Inu facts, prior to adopting a Shiba puppy or dog or any other breed of dog to ensure they are a good candidate for you as well as you for them is highly recommended. It will save you untold time, troubles and frustration if you carefully determine which breed is compatible with you and your family, not to mention potentially saving one more pet from a shelter or worse.

This article was written with the intention of covering some basic Shiba Inu facts. For more in depth, comprehensive information, please visit the links below.

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