Labrador Retriever: Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Labrador Retriever

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Breed Description

The Labrador Retriever is a medium to large sized breed with athletic and sturdy built. This muscular breed weighs between 65-80 pounds for males, and 55-70 pounds for females. Their height ranges between 22.5-24.5 inches for males, and 21.5-23.5 inches for females.


The water resistant double coat of the Labrador Retriever is dense, short, and lying closely to the skin. There are no waves or featherings that can be seen. Their coat colors come in solid, including yellow, chocolate, and black.


The energetic Labrador Retriever needs a lot of exercise. Despite this fact, owners that are not that active may provide them a securely fenced area where they can freely roam in. They enjoy playing with family, having leashed walks daily, swimming, and a fenced area where they can romp and run freely. This breed will do well in an apartment setting if they are provided the sufficient exercise, stimulation, and attention they need.


Responsive, non-aggressive, and friendly, the Labrador Retrievers are even-tempered. They are calm, playful, and exhibit a pleasing personality. They are very skilled in scenting, and are known to recognize even the slightest hint of explosives. They are too friendly to be a guard dog, though.


The Labrador Retriever originated in Newfoundland in the 1700s. They were then transported to England during the early 1800s, making them one of the oldest of the presently popular breeds. Their versatility has made these retrievers a well-renowned family pet.


The short-haired Labrador Retriever is relatively easy to groom. They require regular grooming with firm-bristled brush. Extra care should be provided on their under coats to prevent matting and tangling. Dry shampooing or bathing should only be done as necessary.


A highly excitable dog, the Labrador Retriever is known for its inclination for jumping on friends and family, and pulling on leashes to show excitement. Although this may seem customary for other dogs, the size of this breed can pose a serious threat.

Training the Labrador Retriever should begin early on. They will be fully-developed physically in about six months, and will take around three years to fully mature. Training at this point may become difficult due to their size. So, starting with simple commands such as sitting and heeling is recommended before they reach their sixth month to make training more manageable as time goes by.

Positive reinforcement for good behavior and consistency are highly important to effectively train the Labrador Retriever. They bond closely with their families, and will tend to form behavioral patterns based on them. So, it is important that the family is aware of the grounds in training this breed.


The mid-sized Labrador Retriever is well-balanced, athletic, and strong. They are outgoing and friendly, with a very affectionate disposition. These are revered companions, and are highly valued due to their loving nature.

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