Facts About the Golden Retriever Breed

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The fact that the American Kennel Club states the Golden Retriever breed to be one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States comes as little surprise. Originally bred as a hunting dog, the Retriever has become a family favorite in many households, both in the real world, and in the world of the movies and television.

Famous for its easy going temperament, intelligence, and playfulness, the Golden Retriever breed also excels as a guide dog, as well as a search and rescue animal. A watchdog and guard dog it is not. Loyal, though usually not fiercely protective, the Retriever more often than not will welcome an intruder with a few barks and a wag of the tail. In spite of this, its size, medium to large, is enough to make someone think twice about approaching too closely.

First bred in the Highlands of Scotland, the Golden Retriever has in its bloodlines, traces of the Bloodhound, Irish Setter and Water Spaniel, and seems to have inherited the best characteristics of each of those breeds. The Golden Retriever breed is officially listed in the Sporting Group category as far as AKC sponsored showing is concerned. The retriever generally responds well to training, which is a must, as the youngsters are normally extremely active and boisterous, and if not given adequate obedience training can grow into happy, boisterous, and sometimes very destructive adults. This dog is a joy to watch, but when not properly trained, can be a pain to own.

A typical Retriever stands 24 inches at the shoulder, with females a couple of inches shorter. It is a very muscular and powerfully built dog, with a broad head, deep through the chest, and has a balanced body. It features a very balanced and coordinated trot, and is capable of covering a good deal of ground at a trot in a relatively short period of time. The Retriever’s coat is very thick, and for all intents and purposes, water repellent. It has a dense undercoat as well, and can spend much time in fairly cold water (and will if you let it) without suffering ill effects. Its coat, as you might suspect, is golden in color although golden in many different shades. Feathering on the legs is a lighter shade than the rest of the coat in many dogs of this breed.

Coming from Scotland, the Golden Retriever became a popular breed in England some time before gaining popularity in the United States. It was first registered as a recognized breed by the American Kennel Club in 1925, and has been a popular breed ever since. There are three basic types of the Golden Retriever breed, the English Golden Retriever (sometimes referred to as the British type), the American Golden Retriever, and the Canadian Golden Retriever. The English Retriever is stockier and more heavily built than the American Retriever, and is generally lighter in color. The Canadian Retriever is closer to the American in build but lighter in color, though not as light as the English.

The Golden Retriever breed is more susceptible to certain diseases than is the case with many other breeds. Many of these diseases are genetic, and the larger number may be due to the extremely large number of bloodlines in existence today. The English Golden retriever seems to be somewhat less susceptible to many of these diseases. For the most part of course, Golden Retrievers are healthy, happy dogs, living out their naturally life spans in normal health, and making excellent companions in the process.

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