Canaan Dog – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Canaan Dog

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The Canaan Dog is a mid-sized, squarely proportioned sturdy breed that originated from Israel. As natural herder, this breed has a typical pariah dog exterior. This robust spitz-type breed’s average weight is between 45-55 pounds for the males, 35-45 pounds for females; their average height ranges between 20-24 inches for the males, and 35-45 inches for the females.


The Canaan Dog is a double-coated breed with straight topcoat not more than 2 inches long. Their undercoat is thick, and can take on extreme temperature changes. Their coat comes in two patterns such as: white with mash, and densely colored with or without the white trim. Solid colors vary from black, red, liver, sandy, and all shades of brown.


The Canaan Dog is a working breed that doesn’t like to be just sitting around. They require lots of mental and physical exercise including long walks daily, or a daily jog with herding activities, vigorous game sessions coupled with exciting training sessions.


Canaan Dogs are resourceful, intelligent and highly trainable. They are able to survive on their own, and even try to when confronted with a substantial change such as different people, or home. This breed do not adapt well to sudden change, therefore a securely fenced house with their play area is necessary. A natural watch dog, this breed is highly protective and has the courage to take on a fight when threatened. They are very cautious of strangers; children and animals included, yet are very devoted to families and friends.


Bred to herd and act as guards for the Israelites, the Canaan Dog is an ancient breed that originated in Middle east way back 2200 B.C. They were used during World War II for tracking, guarding, and patrol, up till now.


The Canaan Dog is generally a clean breed. They need regular brushing, and bathing only when absolutely necessary. Nails and whiskers should be trimmed, and ears cleaned. This breed is prone to eye problems, hypothyroidism, hip and elbow dysplasia, and patella luxation.


The Canaan Dog is highly intelligent and trainable. They are very much eager to learn new tasks that are taught to them, and quickly picks up with new tricks and feats. Authority should be established first before training this breed, as they will naturally follow the lead of the person they consider as their leader.

As with many highly intelligent breeds, they tend to become bored if repetitive training methods are used. It is important to use other techniques, or move on to new tricks if behavioral changes occur.

The Canaan Dog is known to be manipulative, and will try to escape everything they don’t want to do. Consistent training is the key for this breed’s characteristic. Thinking of ways to encourage positive behaviors and positive approach in letting them do what is taught are important to keep in mind in training this breed.


The Canaan Dog is not only a brilliant herding and working dog, but is also very obedient and reliable. They are spirited and intelligent, quick, this breed may be hostile towards strangers, but are very gentle with their families.

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