General Types of Printers

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Printers are machines that enable hard copies of documents saved into a computer to be produced. These days, consumers have a variety of options when they want to purchase printers. It’s up to the users’ needs and requirement to find the best matched printers. Each category of printers has specific functions and features that are not similiar to others. These are general types of printers:

Laser Printer

The main advantage of this type of printer is probably its efficiency and speed at printing. The laser printer is certainly very expensive to buy but is fairly cheap to run. They produce the highest quality output in comparison with the other types of printers. The maintenance, servicing and repair of this type of printing device is very high, thus, laser printers are not the choice for home users.


Dot-Matrix Printers

It’s very old, slow, and noisy. Dot-matrix printers have a poor output quality. However, they are cheap to buy and fairly reliable. One advantage of dot-matrix printers over other printer types is the option of putting rolls of paper so you do not have to load them one at a time. This also allows you to print long banners that may consume many pieces of short bond paper. They produces low-quality prints and are more prone to paper jams.


Ink-Jet or Bubble-Jet Printer

These are affordable printers. The quality of print is high, and they are quite fast when printing, too. Most models are relatively light weight and compact so they don’t take up too much space on the desk. Due to the cost of ink, running an ink-jet printer over time is certainly more costly than using a laser printer. Prints emerge from the printer slightly wet and may need some time time to dry, unlike laser printers. Ink-jet printing is slower compared to laser printers and are not designed for high-volume printing.


Multifunction Printers

Multifunction printers combine top-quality color ink jet or laser printing with plain paper and PC faxing, color copying, color scanning and even telephoning all in one convenient, space-saving machine. If you work from home or have a small office a multifunctional device may be ideal for you.


When printing business cards, the two commonly used types are laser and ink-jet printers. This is because these two are more efficient and produce high quality business cards. When printing business cards, maximum quality of prints and an acceptable pricing scheme must be considered. So, choosing the right type of printer is essential to provide the highest productivity with less resources.

If you need to have business cards printed, you can save a lot when you buy cards online. In fact, you don’t only save money but you also save time and effort. When you order business card on the Internet, you can pay through the Internet and just wait for your cards to be delivered. No hassle!

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