Some Facts About Truck Tires

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Ask a truck owner and you will come to know how much thought and research goes into buying light truck tires. These are the ones that make for a smooth ride. It is important to buy the right kind of tire for your truck, depending on the kind of conditions and surfaces that it would be mostly used on, so that they can be used for long.

There is a particular way by which the specifications of a tire are printed or embossed on its surface. For example, if a truck tire has the details 285/70TR/17 written over it, then the first set of numbers specifies the width of the tire followed by the aspect ratio and lastly by the rim size or diameter.

It is important to check the sidewall before buying tires for trucks and the decision is largely based on the conditions in which the tire is used. If the truck is meant for driving only on roads, then a low profile truck tire will serve the purpose whereas for off-road driving it is necessary that there is much more width between the ground and the rim.

The width of the tire determines the extent of its contact with the ground and therefore ensures better grip, no matter if the truck is used is on roads or off-road. However, wide off road wheels also have a tendency to make noise and may also curb fuel efficiency. When it comes to the rim of the tire, the decision is based on personal preference.

Buying a tire does not end the task as you need to pay equal attention to its maintenance. It is necessary to keep them in good shape to avoid mishaps. The major reason behind the wear and tear that a tire sustains is incorrect tire pressure. Correct air pressure is necessary for proper handling, traction and a longer life of the tire.

Seasonal changes can also have an impact on the air pressure in the tires. Extremely low temperatures can drop the air pressure considerably. On the other hand, hot and humid conditions can increase the pressure. As part of the maintenance routine of the truck tires, you can rotate them to reduce wear and tear. This keeps the balance of the tread wear and appears to be extremely useful in wet and slippery conditions. You need to take adequate care of the tires and only then can you expect the tire to last longer.

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