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When it comes to snowboards, there are actually several different types that are available on the market today. Typically, a normal snowboard has a length of around 140-165cm and a width of 24-27 cm. The length allows you to have a different stance on the board and the width will help to accommodate those who have larger or smaller feet. For instance, a man who has a size 13 snowboard boot will not be able to fit on the 24cm width board. The width will need to be adjusted to fit the boot.

Now, several different types of boards have hit the market. A shorter, narrower board has came out, which was intentionally designed for kids and teenagers, but now they are being used as exhibition boards for riders to perform certain types of tricks and stunts. So, even adults are using these boards for certain purposes.

Depending upon what type of boarding you are planning on doing will help to determine what type of board you will want to buy. A freestyle board has a deep cut in it that will allow you to make quick, tight turns. It is usually shorter in length than other types of boards and the flex of the board is usually soft to moderate. All of these features allow the rider to make those quick, tight turns that they want or need to make.

A freeride board is for the riders who love to make long, fast runs in different types of snow. The flex with a freeride board is usually moderate to stiff. The board itself is usually longer than other types of boards. It also has a semi-directional shape. Then there are the racing or Alpine boards. These are actually becoming really popular in the European sector of the sport and they are designed for courses that are made by machine and groomed with a machine. The boards are long and have a directional shape; they are also narrow and rigid.

All-mountain boards combine the features of both the freestyle and the freeride boards making this board somewhat in between them. Obviously, it can be used for the different terrains. It has a directional shape with directional or twin flex to the board. Park or Jib (Rails) is for boarders who want a wider stance or the ability to switch riding styles. The board itself is short but still flexible. It comes in twin shape with a twin flex.

As mentioned earlier, the type of snowboard that you want to purchase depends on the riding and the style of snowboarding that you want to do. If you want to have different options that trying the All-Mountain snowboard may be or best option; however, who says you only can have one board? If you can’t decide on one style of riding or on one type of terrain, then purchase a board for each. You can find bags that let you carry more than one board with you, so this could be the best option for you.

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