Fast Facts about Solar Power

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Solar power is by far the most widely used type of renewable energy. Spain and Germany have the most solar power plants in the world, but other countries in Europe, Asia, and America are utilizing this to power their growing society.


Adequate resources

This energy source is widely available to the world, unlike other renewable forms of energy that are only limited to some countries. Tidal power, for example, cannot operate in areas that do not have strong and large waves. Wind power can only operate on breezy regions of the earth, while geothermal power is inapplicable to areas that have a greater distance to the earth’s core.  But solar power can be created anywhere as long as there is the sun that is shinning.

Processing the source

The energy of the sun is captured with the use of devices, such as the Photovoltaic (PV) or the Concentrating Sun Power. These devices work by transforming the light energy of the sun into mechanical and heat energy that will boil water. The vapor from the heated water will turn the sterling engine that powers the generator. As more energy from the sun is converted, the generator will produce more electrical energy that can power a device, a city, or even the entire world.

Drawbacks and limitations

However, capturing the sunlight is not easy using a single device. That is why countries who advocate the use of solar power have developed panels that can capture large quantities of light energy from the sun. These panels are installed in places where the sun shines for the majority of the day. The most common sites are deserts.


The biggest disadvantage of this type of renewable energy is that it is very expensive. Installing solar panels to capture the sun’s energy to power a huge area, such as a city, will cost billions of dollars. Another drawback is that solar power is hard to capture during rainy seasons, or when the sky is cloudy. If rainy seasons will last for a week or for a month on a particular city, then solar energy levels will decrease as more and more people are consuming it for their everyday use.

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