5 Health Issues That Threaten Older American Males

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Men and women need to be aware of health issues related to their genders. Then again, there are some issues that are typical male problems or affect them more and here are some of them.

1. Heart disease: Heart problems are the biggest health issues affecting American male population. Most of these problems can be avoided by changing the lifestyle and giving up bad habits. Smoking is the first bad habit that you need to give up to avoid this killer disease. Cutting back on red meat if you are already overweight or have health issues is another thing to do. Physical activity of any kind should be a part of your daily routine. Lastly, to avoid heart disease, drink in moderation.

2. Type 2 diabetics: This is the most common type of diabetics that affect millions of US male. This disease can lead to further complicated health issues like heart problem, kidney damage, nerve damage and even blindness. Like heart problems, this can be combated with a healthy lifestyle. If you are overweight, loosing those extra pounds should be your first priority. For that, make sure you are exercising regularly; even little things like taking the stairs instead of using the lift in your office can help. As for your diet, make sure it has fresh fruits, green vegetables and less of red meat and sugar content.

3. Kidney disease: Type 2 diabetes often leads to kidney problems. So if you already have diabetics or heart problems, then start seeing a doctor as soon as possible. Also, as with other health problems, eat a healthy diet. Limit your intake of salt to the minimum and do regular exercise, especially if you are overweight. If you have been issues medications, follow them regularly.

4. Cancer: Next to heart disease, cancer is the biggest killer disease for male population in USA. Among cancer, lung cancer is the biggest cancer threat followed by prostrate cancer and colorectal cancer. Lung cancer is most time caused by smoking and tobacco use. So avoid smoking and tobacco all together; even second hand. For prostrate cancer, improve your lifestyle. Make it as healthy as possible. Control your weight and have diet rich in foods that have antioxidants in them. For example, lycopene found in tomatoes are great cancer-fighting element that you should include in your diet. It has been proven that men, who have such food items in their daily diet, lower their chance of getting prostate cancer. These habits are also important for fighting colon cancer as well.

5. Stroke: There are many factors that lead to stroke that you can’t control, like your genes, race or age; but you can control the other factors like over weight, cholesterol and high blood pressure. So lower your weight as well as cholesterol level by leading a healthy life. Exercise and the right diet are the two main components of leading a healthy life as is avoiding stress. Drinking in moderation is the other key to a good life.

Taking care of your health should start from your prime. If you are negligent in your 20s and 30s and have bad habits with long term effects, these diseases and problems will rule your life when you are older. Get healthier starting now and stay that way.

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