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Origami is a fun process of paper folding, without any use of external tools like scissors,tape etc, to create interesting shapes of animals, birds, geometrical figures, puppets, toys etc. It has a rich, complex history that spans over different cultures, geographies and time periods. It is believed to have originated in Japan, where it was first considered religious and ceremonial. But it soon developed and found popularity as a recreational activity as well. It was earlier taught in schools, but later shifted to the living room of Japanese households. The origami has a strong presence and use in Japanese culture. Important days are celebrated with beautiful origami constructions, usually by the children.

In recent times, the Internet has aided in spreading knowledge about origami, both the long-hidden aspects and the things that western people had heard of but knew little about. Origami is a facet that is appealing to the visual medium. Designs can be made or explained in line diagrams, pictures and over practice can be easily mastered. The second step is to identify a topic that appeals to one’s style.

Over the centuries,this old art form of paper folding has evolved beyond the simple bird and boats. Today, there are many styles of origami. Recently surveyed, it was found that origami enthusiasts over the world have produced and developed over 80 styles of origami. Origami paper, also called the washi paper is available in many different colors and shapes.

Action Origami,wet folding,pure and pure land origami,strip folding,palm weaving,and modular origami are few of the varieties in Origami.

– ACTION ORIGAMI, this style of origami is animated. The washi paper is used to make birds, butterflies with flapping wings, hopping frogs, and spinning top. The more complex and awe-inspiring ones are Swiss army knives, slithering snake skin, and flashers.

– STRIP FOLDING, this style involves both, origami paper folding and weaving. The most easy construction is the lucky star. Other designs include geometric shapes and polyhedron.

– MODULAR ORIGAMI, it consists of putting together many of identical pieces, from washi paper forming a complete model. Usually, the separate pieces are simple but the final get-together may be tricky. Many models are decorative balls like Kusudama and the Stellated icosahedron

– PURE LAND ORIGAMI, is a style invented by John Smith, and is confined to using only mountain and valley folds. Its aim is to make origami easier for new folders and those with impaired motor skills. Constructions include Dracula, eagles, bears and butterflies among others.

– WET FOLDING, includes technique for creating models with gentle curves rather than straight folds and flat surfaces. The origami paper is dampened which can be easily mould, the final design keeps its shape on drying. It produces very authentic looking animals and birds. – PALM WEAVING, it is the folding and weaving of strips of palm leaves. It is a traditional style, having religious symbolism. Designs include crosses, flax angels, and elaborate birdsOrigami papier, washi paper, Japans papier, vormen, kikker, kraanvogel, roos, vouwen, kado, mooi papier voor dozen maken.

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