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If you have been searching for more information about the basic features of stairlifts but didn’t know where to look, here are some of the advanced features that you may find in most stairlifts:

Safety belts: As it is always recommended that you use a seatbelt during transits as it prevent accidents. Thus, all models of stairlifts from every company is equipped with it.

Adjustable Seats and Footrests: Most of the seats and footrests that are provided can be folded to be unobtrusive when the stairlift is not in use. These are about 14 inches away from wall when not in use. However, even if the staircase is narrow, you’ll never have to worry about scrimping on comfort features.

Emergency Features: All of the stairlifts are equipped with emergency buttons that stop the lift in case there is any obstruction on the path of transit. Safety features include emergency switches on the footrests and seats to help avoid any injury. Keeping a tab on the proper working of the switches is essential as you ma need to use it anytime.

Swivel Seat: It is best to face the chair away from the stairs towards the room or hallway so that you can directly shift to a wheelchair or get up and walk away. Swivel seats provide you with the best option and are available with all stairlifts.

Two Call Send Stations: To send for a stairlift to come up or down, you need a set of call send controls and most lifts have two of these- one on top and one downstairs. There are a variety of options available- some can be accessed by stepping on them while others are mounted on the walls or fit into the tracks.

Hopefully you will be able to select a Stairlift that meets most of your requirements but consider your budget and use before buying.

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