Water Filter Types and Uses

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There are few health concerns greater than that of the quality of our water. The drinking water we get from our municipal water supplies is of ten not as pure as they would have us believe. As humans with the majority of our body weight being water this could be a major problem.

So what are we to do? We do what people have always done when they realize there is a better way: We make changes. We are fortunate that methods of personal change are readily accessible in the form of water filtration. Once we take care of ourselves we can adopt a macro view of water quality improvement.

Many choices abound when it comes to water filtration for our homes. Choosing what is best for you and your family may require some major research and due diligence. Listed here are some of the filtration systems that may be worth considering.

Anyone wanting to use well water would be well advised to get a filtration system. These systems come in a variety of qualities and therefore the contaminants they remove varies. At a minimum well water filters should remove rust, dirt, silt and sulfur. The best systems will also remove the heavy metals, VOC’s (volatile organic chemicals), soften the water and balance the pH.

A whole house system is great for people who like convenience. These systems are usually installed in a garage or basement. Most commonly they are used for removing rust, sediment, dirt and any odors and off tastes. However one can get reverse osmosis systems that will perform the water treatment for their entire home including their drinking water.

Most of us will opt for treating our water where we use it. For drinking water a countertop water filter or under sink variety will clean enough water for a large family. The countertop style is usually less expensive and easier to install but you have to deal with the unit taking up counter space. An under sink water filter is probably a better solution for anyone planning on living in their home for three or more years.

Fluoride is a toxic substance that is added to our water supplies for the purpose of strengthening the enamel of our teeth. Unfortunately fluoride can also cause many health problems. A fluoride water filter will clean up your water in a chemical free way. Generally this type of filter has two or more stages of filtration all of which perform different tasks in treatment process.

Health hair and skin is desired by all and installing a shower filter will go a long way to improving your health. A shower filter is designed to reduce chlorine, trihalomethanes (THM’s), volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s) and to balance the water’s pH level. These chemicals are known to contribute to a variety of illnesses and health conditions including cancer and atherosclerosis.

Another filter that works at the source is a faucet filter. These use charcoal or activated carbon to filter you water. Activated refers to a process by which the carbon is made more absorbent than it is naturally. These types of filtration are considerably less expensive and require frequent replacement and maintenance, a trade off for their cost effectiveness. They also will not remove some of the more soluble contaminants in your drinking water.

The water from your municipal supply may be perfectly safe to drink. May be. The only sure way is to have a water analysis performed by a experience lab set up for water testing. You can get diy water testing kits but they will not be as accurate. Once armed with your results you can research to learn whether the levels of unwanted substances is beyond what you are comfortable with.

If you do choose to purchase a water filtration system, whether whole house, countertop, under sink, shower or faucet, be certain to research the brands you are considering. At a minimum your filtration choice should be certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation).

Larry writes about water filters at his website WaterFilterHub.com.

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