Surprising Facts About Germs

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Do you hate germs? It’s pretty safe to say that most people don’t like germs and know they’re bad to some degree or another, but do you know exactly what germs are and where they tend to accumulate the most? Germs are microscopic organisms such as bacteria or viruses. These tiny organisms are the cause of most cases of the common cold or flu. Learning how to avoid germs and kill them before they come into contact with your body will greatly reduce your chances of getting sick.

Do you want to know the place in your house that has the greatest amount of bacteria? Truthfully you probably don’t, but it may come as a big surprise to many people that the kitchen sponge actually holds more bacteria than anything else in the house.

An easy way to kill off that bacteria and keep your sponge fairly sanitary is to place it in the microwave for a few seconds, as the radiation and heat from the microwave will kill off the germs and bacteria. While we are on the subject of kitchens, let me just mention that a kitchen cutting board has 50 times more bacteria than your toilet yet. If that doesn’t make you want to clean your kitchen, I don’t know what will. These statistics found in a study done by the University of Arizona are proof that you need to take precautionary measures to fight germs just as much inside your house as you do outside. Hand hygiene is an important aspect of killing germs, so it is a good idea to clean your hands several times a day with a hand sanitizer.

Also, encourage your friends and family members to practice the same hand hygiene; you could even give them some hand sanitizer as a gift to carry with them. OK, that may be a little cheesy but not a bad idea. Frequently cleaning and disinfecting your household items will help reduce the number germs and bacteria that are fostered inside your house.

While there are massive amounts of germs in the general public that you have no control over, your own house is one place that you can keep clean. If you want a sanitary house, you’ll have to be proactive and put some work into it. Don’t wait any longer to rid yourself and your house of those germs. Get out and buy some disinfectants and hand sanitizers!

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Jodi M. is a mom with a passion for keeping her family healthy. She highly recommends utilizing a full system approach to defending against the cold and flu. Her favorite product for ultimate prevention is a Hand Sanitizer Spray. Using a spray instead of a gel helps with absorption and makes it easier to apply to kids. And we all know that kids need to fight bacteria more than anyone! With the added benefit of aloe and acai your hands will never feel better! Doux Soleil makes a scientifically advanced hand sanitizer as part of a complete line of cold and flu products to help protect, support, fortify, and treat you and your family 365 days a year.

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