Facts About Hereford, Herefordshire

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Hereford, a historic cathedral city lies on the banks of the river Wye in the beautiful Wye valley situated in the West England, it also the largest county town of Herefordshire. It still has its stunning medieval architecture and has the strongest and the most beautiful castles in the whole of England.

The word Hereford has originated from Anglo Saxon ‘here’ which means a bunch of armed men and ford which means to cross. So going by the origin this must have been a place where an army must have crossed the river. It has an active business mostly involving agricultural sector whose products include cider, leather goods, brewing industry. The white faced ‘Hereford’ cattle which are popular globally have their origins back here.

It has a unique history of battles and sieges of almost 1000 years. The cathedral built here in the 11th century has the ‘Mappa Mundi’ an ancient medieval map which dates back to 13th century. It also has the world famous chained library consisting of a total of 1400 volumes.

The city is renowned for its colleges and educational institutions such as The Royal National College for Blind, Hereford College of arts and technology. Much of the income comes from agricultural products such as cider, brewing industry and leather goods and other chemical manufacturers.

Sports here include football, cricket and rowing. Situated on the banks of river Wye, it gives a perfect place for rowing and attracts crowds from all over England for the event ‘Hereford Regatta’ traditionally held on the spring bank of holiday Monday and is one of the big events of its type.

This place is a mix of the ancient tradition and modern shopping malls which attracts the people from all over the country. The places of interest include the Maylord shopping center, Black and White museum, Butter market (famous for dairy products).

The oldest building in England, the Bishop’s Palace built in 1204, is situated here. It is well accessible from other parts of the country Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, Worcester which are located within 60 miles radius through rail and road links.

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