Urinary Tract Infections in American Bulldog

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The Dangers of Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs

One reason why dogs and humans are said to be very similar is that the diseases that can affect humans can also affect dogs. One of these diseases is Urinary Tract Infection. Urinary Tract Infection is also very common among dogs, although its primary cause remains unknown. Every instance of Urinary Tract Infection may be due to varying causes. The occurrence of Urinary Tract Infection in older dogs is higher than in younger dogs. Also, it is especially among female dogs. In males, dogs who have not been neutered face greater risk of Urinary Tract Infection than neutered dogs. Urinary Tract Infection can be very dangerous. If left alone, the UTI problem can escalate into even more dangerous kidney diseases, and can also cause bladder stones. And naturally, Urinary Tract Infection should be paid attention to because it can be a very painful and distressing condition for your dog.  

Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs

Urinary Tract Infection is often detected when your dog starts urinating more frequently, and uncontrollably, meaning that you dog starts urinating anywhere. It is also characterized by pain while urinating. Sometimes, blood and a foul odor also accompany the urine. If you see any of these symptoms, check your dog’s abdomen. If it feels a bit tender, your dog likely has a Urinary Tract Infection, or any other urinary tract disorder. To know whether it is Urinary Tract Infection or some other disease, immediately go to your veterinarian for a diagnosis. Urinary Tract Infection can be diagnosed by a urine test. Signs of blood, white blood cells, and sugar in urine are indications of Urinary Tract Infection. The urine will also be tested for bacteria, which will fully substantiate the earlier diagnosis. Also, some cases of Urinary Tract Infection can be accompanied by bladder stones as well. To check for bladder stones, it is a good idea to have an ultrasound or an X-ray, aside from the urine test.  

Treatment Options for Canine Urinary Tract Infection

The common treatment fro Urinary Tract Infection is antibiotics. It is probably the first thing that veterinarians prescribe upon diagnosis. Some veterinarians may also prescribe homeopathic medicines, which consist of herbal ingredients that are both safe and effective. If the condition is already pretty bad, and bladder stones are present, the stones can only be removed through surgery, which can be very distressing and traumatic for your dog. Thus, it is better to treat Urinary tract Infection as soon as you detect signs, especially since it can get worse fast, or it would be best to prevent it from affecting your dog altogether. When it comes to prevention, however, there are many things that you can do. Don’t forget to give your pet enough time and space to urinate. If you leave your dog in a crate, don’t forget to let it out after some time. If your dog puts off urinating for a long time, bacteria can accumulate in the bladder. If your dog has difficulty urinating, taking it out for a walk and giving your pet plenty of clean water will help relieve the problem. A nutritious diet that has less chemicals can also lower the chances of your dog contracting UTI. Vitamin C can also do a lot of good for your dog’s bladder, and can be used to keep Urinary Tract Infection and other bladder disorders away.

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