Blue Mastiff – Four Training and Care Tips

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The blue mastiff grows up to be massive, so it is not surprising that they also have one of the greatest amounts of pride to be found in any dog. They are very sensitive to the commands of an assertive and loving master that has taken the time to properly care and train them.

Here are some key points to consider when raising and training your blue mastiff

1. Confidence Goes a Long Way

What the blue mastiff looks for in a master is confidence. It will not follow someone who does not know how to at least appear to be authoritative. While this is the case, you do not have to be harsh on the dog to get what you want, however!

Just let it know and understand that you mean business and it will show you that it can live up to your expectations.

2. Socialization is Important

The blue mastiff is one of those dogs that really need to be socialized during their puppy stages. They are born naturally wary of others, as this is a trait that comes with those that are naturally protective of their families.

This being so, you must get them used to the many objects in your home, as well as the people and other animals in it.

Be firm in your guidance and demonstrate to it that there is nothing to be overly scared and cautious of. Getting them used to others will enable them to distinguish between those who are being friendly, and against those who might truly pose some harm.

3. Moderation in Activity is Key

An adult blue mastiff only needs moderate amounts of activity since they are prone to hip and elbow displasia.

¬†Over-exercised dogs have a heightened risk of injury, so it is recommended that you limit their activity to an extent. Still, you should walk them constantly so that they don’t get bored and out of shape.

4. Keep an Eye Out for Cherry Eye

The more common problem for a blue mastiff is that it is very prone to cherry eye. Cherry eye is the condition when the eyelid responsible for tear production becomes inflamed and red.

The only way to deal with this condition is through surgery and removal of the offending eyelid. However, you will have an additional task to fulfill for your dog as you will have to administer eye drops for the rest of its life.

Considering these, it is fairly obvious why many find that they are not up to the task of taking care of a blue mastiff. If, however, you are still confident that this is the dog for you, then go for it. In return, you will get one of the most loyal, and most courageous guard dogs known to man.

Steve Blake is a mastiff breed researcher and enthusiast. You can learn more about the blue mastiff breed and discover a free ten Lesson mastiff mini-course by checking out

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