Dog Health Problems with Internal Parasites

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Like us human beings, dogs are also affected by many worms that are internal parasites. These worms infest the intestines of dogs and create many dog health problems. Therefore you need to treat your dog regularly against these worms. There are lots of medications that are prescribed by veterinarians to control worms in dogs.

When round worms and tape worms create dog health problems, you could see signs of infestation in stools of dogs but with many other worms even when infestation is there you cannot see any evidence without the use of a microscope. However, there are occasions where whipworms create dog health problems, you could see the adult worms in the stools of the affected dog but by that time the dog has got affected a lot with weight loss

As all the worms are not eliminated by one medicament, proper identification of the worms that cause the dog health problems in your pet should be made when you suspect worm infestation. Early treatment is the key in this case too as the worms will create all kinds of problems for the dog’s system. In order to identify the worms that cause the dog health problems in your dog you must take a sample of its stools to the veterinarian. Under microscopic examination he will be able to identify the parasites and recommend the right treatment.

Many veterinarians include the stools test for worms in the annual health checkup for dogs. In case any diagnosis is made, you dog could be treated for the particular worm even before infestation proper has taken place. This will prevent the appearance of dog health problems related to worm infestation.

In case your dog is affected by worm infestation, you will come to know that with several symptoms of your dog. They may include diarrhea sometimes with blood in stools, dry hair and weight loss. There could be vomiting and in some cases worms could also be there in the vomit. ┬áSometimes, despite your dog’s suffering from dog health problems related to worms,it might not show symptoms. Therefore, you must try your best to avoid worm infestation.

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