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Full HDTV is a fantabulous device that transcends the clarity and quality of pictures rendered by its archetype namely the high definition television technology. It delivers an efficacious image resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixel s . Nowadays the access to HDTV signals has become easier regardless of the source of the signal.

The benefits of HDTV can be enjoyed with HD converter equipment and your television catering analog screen. The reverse process of taking an analog signal and formatting it to be an output for a HDTV which enhances the quality is also possible with the converter. Taking the example of an analog television with a resolution of 480i, where the Cathode Ray tube has say 240 lines and your TV screen has 480 lines, interlaced scanning of the alternating lines is performed for 1/60th of a second to display the complete picture vertically. This gives an aspect ratio of 4:3 with the analog screens of resolution 640 x 480i.

The HDTV supports interlaced scanning whereas the Full HDTV uses the progressive type of scanning, where the vertical scan is also done simultaneously. The Full HDTV renders a resolution of 1080i or 1080p. With an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels the Full HDTV enhances the quality of video. With screens smaller than 42 inches, the clarity difference in ordinary HDTV and Full HDTV is not vivid.

The Full HDTV is presented in three models namely, the one with rear projection which is outdated now, the plasma and the LCD TV. There are several factors that favour the selection of one among the other two namely the refresh rate, contrast ratio, colour reproduction ability and response time.

The plasma screen delivers a wide range of colours, brilliant brightness and very large screens of about 58 inches. The sleek display panel of 2.5 inches facilitates the slim physique of the television sized 4 to 6 inches in thickness. The claimed contrast ratio of the plasma type is 50K to 100K whereas the highest contrast currently presented is 30K. The other aspects are faster response time of .001 milliseconds and greater refresh frequency of around 600 Hz.

The plasma screen outperforms the LCDs in color reproduction of wide ranges, response time which distinguishes the display of rapidly moving images like sports and the wider viewing angle. Plasma technology has eradicated the problems such as pixel burns with the idle screen detection technology, which will change the screen saver rapidly or display a plain white image, if there is a static picture displayed continuously for longer time.

Though these plasma type render a consistent watch time of 60,000 hours, several factors disfavour the plasma HDTVs, like their immense power consumption that can be as high as 500 watts and their heavier nature than LCD screens.

There is no divergence in the resolution factor of Full HDTV LCDs and plasma HDTV. The LCDs deliver superior quality pictures with contrast ratio scaling up till 30K and higher refresh rates of about 240Hz and reduced time to refresh by 2ms .All these features project the LCDs as the best pick for gaming consoles.

The inexpensive nature of LCDs is an added advantage to its capability of being mounted on the wall and the longer life span. They are devoid of the issues with screen burns. The areas of development are identified as the slow response times that have led to the subdued quality of quickly moving images.

The HDTVs can be intensified with several modifications like the usage of HD set-top box instead of normal cables thereby ensuring the accuracy of input to the television. They are useful in projecting the DVD pictures of standard definition to high definition ones.

When you plan to buy a television, consider all the facts about the full HDTV listed above and chose the one that suits your needs without much effort.

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